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Welcome to Neurozym Biotech

Neurozym Biotech AS is a private laboratory with a focus on diagnostics and treatment of protein intolerance.

Postal address

Neurozym Biotech AS
Sørbygdveien 187
N-7760 Snåsa


Tel.: (+47) 74 15 15 00


Neurozym's mission is to improve health and wellness in people with food intolerance. Our research has resulted in a specially designed probiotic to fight protein intolerance, with a main focus on autism, ADHD and chronic fatigue syndrome. 

Gastrointestinal problems are frequent in these conditions, and may be caused by food intolerance or a disturbed gut flora. Our contribution to solve this problem is a multistrain probiotic product containing new bacterial strains that can break down harmful peptides and restore the gut bacterial flora. The bacterial strains in probiozym contain enzymes (peptidases) that actively break down harmful peptides generated from gluten and milk proteins during digestion.



Peptide analysis



Analysis can be ordered here.




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Contact us
Adress:Neurozym Biotech AS Sorbygdveien 187, N-7760 Snaasa, NORWAY Phone:

Neurozym Biotech AS
Murbræk, N-7760 Snåsa 
Phone: (+47) 741 51 500
E-mail: post@neurozym.com 


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